2016 top tech trends to watch

Trends in technology ebb and flow as new technology emerges and makes older technology less relevant. But in some cases the newer technology never fully takes hold (Google Glass anyone?).

We rang in the new year by exploring numerous sources to figure out what could be the new “it” products in 2016.



Current smartwatches can be found on the wrists of early adopters everywhere, but these devices still lack some of the basic applications to make the investment worthwhile for many potential users. More applications and newer interfaces expected this year will make the smart watch and other wearables a more appealing investment.

These devices could have practical uses in the classroom if students and instructors work together on creating innovative applications.

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Virtual reality

Google Cardboard

Virtual reality is now as simple as buying Google Cardboard and using it with your Android smartphone. Facebook is even in on the action creating virtual reality experiences and immersive video games for Oculus Rift.

As this technology continues to go mainstream throughout 2016, we think more content generators will be creating interactive, virtual experiences that could transform the classroom and the way we interact with the world going forward.

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Voice recognition speakers

amazon echoWith the launch Amazon Echo, it’s easy to see how voice-enabled technology could become more than an extra feature on our smartphones. As this technology continues to advance and the artificial intelligence (AI) behind the technology continues to learn from human behavior, we can anticipate new ways to interact with the Internet without having to type on a physical device or push buttons on a smartphone or watch.

This technology will not be able to write students’ papers, but it will be interesting to see if this technology will make its way into the classroom.

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