Tuition discount scam targeting students

Be aware that scammers are targeting college students by claiming that students who pay their tuition to them in full will receive a tuition discount. This is a scam.

Who is being targeted?

Currently the scammers are targeting international students, however, all students need to remain vigilant as they could be contacted too.

How the scam works

This is a multistep process designed to mislead students into believing their tuition has been paid:

  1. Students are being asked to provide their MSU login credentials, which the scammers then use to pay the student’s tuition with a stolen credit card.
  2. Once the transaction is completed, students are directed to use a wire or check transfer to pay the scammer at the discounted rate.
  3. The company of the stolen credit card then reverses the fraudulent transaction and students are left owing full tuition and are unable to retrieve the funds transferred to the scammers.

What should I do if contacted by a scammer?

If you or someone you know is contacted regarding financial dealings or circumstances that seem suspicious or too good to be true, please contact MSU Police at (517) 355-2221.

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