Check out new MSU tech tools to improve your work

MSU IT is committed to providing the best and most secure technology we can to the MSU community.

We are currently making changes as we seek to improve the technology, specifically the collaborative tools, available to MSU. We have launched new tools we’d like to share with you.

Spartan 365

MSU IT is now offering Spartan 365 tools to MSU faculty and staff. Spartan 365 is a suite of Microsoft Office software we customized for MSU’s unique needs. Additionally, all faculty, staff, and students have access to these powerful tools for personal use at no additional cost.

Icons of MSU Spartn 365 applications.

Spartan 365 offers powerful collaborative features like real-time editing, chatting, cloud storage, and more, allowing you to easily instant message and share documents across the university. Watch this brief video to see how these tools make collaboration seamless and easy.

You can learn more about Spartan 365 at, and you can log into your Spartan 365 account anytime at

MSU Endpoint Security Protection

MSU is committed to protecting your devices from cyber security threats. That’s why MSU IT offers Endpoint Security Protection (e.g., antivirus, antimalware, firewall) for all of your MSU-owned devices at no cost. Learn more about departmental endpoint security.

We also want to ensure that your personal devices are as safe as your work devices. We currently offer all full-time faculty and staff members endpoint protection for home use at no additional cost. Follow these steps to download MSU Endpoint Security Protection for individual home use.

MSU Mail Protection

We recently introduced MSU Mail Protection to enhance your email security and help manage spam and potentially malicious messages. You now receive a Daily Digest email with messages the system marks as suspicious. This system currently protects your address, we are working with your departments to give you one simple consolidated email protection solution.

Through your Daily Digest, you can now manage and customize your inbox. Click on the link in Daily Digest email or go to to start personalizing your filter.

Resources about MSU Email Protection:

Future Upgrade: Email at MSU

As we continue to improve and upgrade the systems running MSU, we will begin phasing out Legacy Mail email accounts ( and will be providing Spartan Mail (part of the Spartan 365 suite) more broadly to students, faculty, and staff. Further information to come on this exciting upgrade!