MSU APP (October Update)

The latest update of the MSU App is now available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. This update adds CATA bus information to the Maps section of the app, under the new Bus Routes tab. Features of the Bus Routes tab include:

  • Clicking on a bus route will show the route on the map.
    • Each bus stop along the route is shown on the map.
    • Clicking on the stop will bring up a window showing the stop information, along with the next time that a bus is scheduled to depart from that stop.
  • Along with showing the route on the map, there is also a list of stops on each route and a display of the next time that a bus is scheduled to depart from that stop.
  • Clicking on the icon next to a stop will bring up the full schedule for the entire day for that stop on the route.

A screenshot from the MSU App highlighting the Bus Route feature.Other new features include:

  • On-campus walking and biking directions (including an option for accessible walking routes, i.e. no stairs along the route) from your location to any building, or directions from one building to another. This can be done with the Explore Tab in Maps and can be utilized by clicking on a building.
  • Parking lots now appear in the search results on the Maps page.
  • Construction/closed areas are shown on the map.

New updates will continue to be rolled out on a monthly basis.