Desktop Support

MSU Information Technology offers desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile device, and tablet support to academic and administrative units. MSU IT partners with each unit to find the right level of support based on different environments and needs.


Support options can be customized based on unit needs.

Computer Life Cycle Support

Computer Life Cycle Support follows the full life cycle for hardware and software.

This option includes:

  • Advice on hardware and software purchases.
  • Handling of quotes and ordering.
  • Installation and support of computer, operating system, software, and other features.
  • Transfer of data from old equipment to new equipment.
  • Assistance with data wiping and disposal or recycling of old equipment.

General Support

General Support offers assistance on a variety of hardware and software applications. This option can be customized.

This option includes:

  • Assistance on Microsoft Office applications.
  • Troubleshooting and problem escalation for software and hardware issues.
  • Antivirus software license management and monitoring.
  • Handling of computer repair, including drop off and pickup of equipment.
  • Setup, allocation, and management of individual and shared unit storage space.
  • Assistance with email and calendaring on the CampusAD and Exchange systems.