Video Production

Video Production

MSU IT provides video production support and coordination of projects for courses, academic events, university meetings, and presentations. Video can be pre-recorded or live. 

This service has multiple levels of support and differing cost models based on student or staff production time. 

Consulting & Project Scoping

The initial consulting and project scoping with a media production specialist or instructional designer are at no cost to faculty, instructors, and administrative support staff. 

The consulting and scoping may be helpful when looking to create your own media for a course or when investigating how much a project may require in order to determine whether to do in-house or hire out video production. 

Full Video Production

 In addition to the consulting and scoping, you can also hire a media production specialist to produce your video project (planning, recording, post-production, and delivery). 

Full production services are priced per project, starting at: 

  • Roughly $50/hour for full-time staff production 
  • Roughly $20/hour for student production 

Full production hours vary depending on the project. 

Media produced using this service will conform to all university standards and policies including branding, digital accessibility, copyright, and information security. 

Types of Projects

The full production option can be good for: 

  • Credit, noncredit, and Coursera courses 
  • Pre-recorded audio and video projects including captions, transcripts, and audio description 
  • Interview, grant presentations, and introduction videos 
  • Pre-recorded audio and video projects, including captions, transcripts, and audio description 
  • Livestreaming and event videos 
  • Live video production, including live captioning. We recommend at least 2-3 weeks lead time, especially for streams longer than one hour.  

To request video production services, please call the MSU IT help desk at (517) 432-6200 or email at