SIS Modernization Program


This Program aims to modernize Michigan State University’s undergraduate and graduate enrollment services, student accounts, and key systems (Admissions, Controllers, Financial Aid, Registrar) consuming data from the current student information system (SIS).

The SIS Program primarily encompasses the activities of implementing Campus Solutions, eValue for health colleges and CRM solution for undergraduate admissions.


In the 1980s, MSU developed the current student information system (SIS) using IDMS/DB, a network database management system, for an IBM mainframe.

Throughout the years, this software has been highly customized for MSU, and maintenance of the core SIS mainframe was continually deferred.

As a result, approximately 300 supporting systems were developed across campus to supplement functionality not available in the aging technology.

The sustained operation of a such a large-scale, technologically diverse and disintegrated landscape has resulted in escalating and unpredictable support costs, impacts to the accuracy and reliability of information provided by the SIS, and major security risks.

Without modernization, these inefficiencies will continue to multiply. Investing in a modern platform for the student information system will help improve the user experience for students, faculty and staff as well as reduce the maintenance complexity and increase operational efficiency.

The overall Program objective is to implement a comprehensive SIS solution that will:

  • enhance the academic experience contributing to student success
  • deploy without customizations, to the extent possible
  • position MSU for a transition to a next generation SIS
  • improve access to, and use of, near real-time data to support operations and decision-making
  • encourage SIS adoption across academic landscapes
  • eliminate the need for decentralized applications and streamline development
  • improve the quality of available data
  • reinforce MSU’s capacity to provide a secure and reliable environment
  • provide an agile platform that can react to regulatory requirements and market trends


  • SIS PROD environment migration to Exadata
  • Backup coordination with PROD services
  • SIS non-PROD migrations to Exadata
  • Exadata training for DBA


  • Program Plan approval, November 2019
  • Campus Solutions Release 1, August 2019
  • Campus Solutions Release 2, November 2019
  • AgTech Go-live, October 1
  • Program Charter approval, May 2019