Training Materials & Documentation

Faculty D2L Resources

D2L Faculty Help Documentation – A D2L produced self-help center that allows you to learn D2L features/functionality.  This resource is updated at the same time our system is upgraded so you always have the latest training materials.

D2L Faculty Quick Start Guide – This is an MSU produced quick start guide designed to help you get up to speed quickly.  This resource has some MSU specific help that is not included in the previous resource, so if you can’t find something in the previous resource, this is a good place to go to.

D2L Self-Directed Training – In order to access these self-directed training modules, you will need to register under the Self Registration tab after you login to D2L.  Again, these are dynamically updated training modules (including screencasts) that do a great job of explaining the feature/functionality of the tools that are available in D2L.


Faculty Self-Help Training Materials

The following is a list of popular self-help training materials and documentation. These are small, easy-to-use, task-based resources that inlcude printable downloads for your convenience.  Click the icon on the left to download a PDF version of the document you are interested in.

For comments or questions on these training materials, or to request additional materials you can contact us here.

Download PDF Preparing for the Desire2Learn Conversion Lab Converting your course from ANGEL to D2L

download PPT
 D2L Conversion Lab PowerPoint Presentation


download PDF D2L Converted Course Checklist 

Activating your D2L course How to activate your D2L course

Download PDF Viewing content as a student in D2L How to view content as a student in D2L

 Desire2Learn: Version 10.1 Updates and Changes

Download PDF Viewing content as a student in D2L Customizing Themes and Navbars

Download PDF Viewing content as a student in D2L Customizing Widgets and Course Homepage

Download PDF Viewing content as a student in D2L D2l Captioning Video Guide