Parents: 3 questions to set your Spartan up for success

We know getting ready to attend Michigan State University can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined 3 questions to make sure your Spartan has the right devices and technology to help them succeed at MSU.

Another resource is the MSU Tech Store, located conveniently on campus, which has experts available to talk to you about the technology your Spartan may need. The Tech Store also has consultants to help with technology questions and repair support, as well as offers warranties for products.

1. What are the computer requirements?

All undergraduate students at Michigan State are required to have a computer that can connect to the Internet. Read more about the MSU Computer Requirement.

Many colleges and degree programs have specific computer requirements to ensure all students have machines capable of doing the required work. The MSU Tech Store has many laptops and computers available that will fulfill your Spartan’s requirement.

Your Spartan may want to consider purchasing a tablet to help with on-the-go notes, data entry, or research.

Don’t forget to see if your student will need a wireless access point, an Ethernet cord, or dongles to get connected to the Internet.

2. What are some online coursework resources?

Many students will use online learning management systems at some point during their time at MSU. The most popular one in MSU D2L.

Headphones can be invaluable when listening to lectures on the go, in a quiet library, or in a residence hall room. The MSU Tech Store offers many different types of headphones at varying price points and specs so your Spartan never misses a word.

3. What other technology may be needed?


MSU IT provides all active students complimentary access to Microsoft Office products through Spartan 365 on up to 5 devices.

Protecting yourself online is important, make sure your Spartan protects their devices from cyber security threats by installing security software. You can purchase security software at a discount through MSU On The Hub portal.

Specific Technology Needs

While MSU offers professional recording spaces to some students, your Spartan may have a need for a personal, external microphone. Talk with your Spartan and stop by the MSU Tech Store to check out available microphones.

Game development blends the creative and technical worlds and requires students to master numerous skills. You can stop by the MSU Tech Store to see if they have gaming devices and controllers for your Spartan’s needs.