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IT Exchange Meeting

The IT Exchange is the broad IT group used by MSU IT and other units to share information on central, enabling, or enhancing services and projects affecting the university. The group was formed to bring people interested and involved in information technology at MSU together as a cohesive group.

Please join us for the next IT Exchange meeting scheduled from 1:30 p.m. Read Full Article →

#TeamMSUIT Protecting Spartan Data

MSU IT: Protecting Spartan Data

In practice, data is more than the information that we put into our systems. Data hold people’s identities, the keys to unlocking research quagmires, and the ability to change the way we interact with the observable world. That is why we take data security seriously at MSU IT. 

We understand deeply that the data we have must be protected from individuals with less altruistic incentives than those of the faculty, researchers, and students at MSU. Read Full Article →

MSU Security Summit 2017

Join us as we hear from industry leaders to discuss the ever-changing security landscape and learn how MSU IT is adapting.
Secure the date and RSVP now at https://go.msu.edu/qYz.

Add this event to your calendar, https://go.msu.edu/6Yz. Read Full Article →

Hands on computer. Octber is Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber Security: Every Spartan’s Responsibility

Cyber security is every Spartan’s responsibility. That is why MSU IT participates in National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) to help keep the MSU community informed about simple ways everyone can stay safe online. Learn cyber security best practices and tips through MSU IT’s blog and Twitter account. These tips can help you understand the simple, proactive measures you can take to protect your digital identity. Read Full Article →

Student and parent shopping at the MSU Tech Store.

Parents: 3 questions to set your Spartan up for success

We know getting ready to attend Michigan State University can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve outlined 3 questions to make sure your Spartan has the right devices and technology to help them succeed at MSU.

Another resource is the MSU Tech Store, located conveniently on campus, which has experts available to talk to you about the technology your Spartan may need. Read Full Article →

MSU IT Council featured image

MSU IT Council discusses new groups, network services restructuring, CIO vision

The MSU IT Council met in April. Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

MSU IT Network Services Restructuring

Nishanth Rodrigues and Chuck Kirby from MSU IT presented the new organizational structure of the Network Services teams. The new structure is built around three teams focusing on planning, building, and running network services and systems on campus. Read Full Article →

MSU IT Council featured image

MSU IT Council reviews storage, security, licensing agreements, IT role

The MSU IT Council met in March and below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

Department storage

Sherief AbouElSeoud, part of the IT Services IT Infrastructure and Operations department, presented more information about the central department storage service accessed via the \\fileshare.msu.edu\[department name] server path. This was also mentioned at the February IT Exchange meeting. Read Full Article →

Image of IT staff member with a laptop

MSU IT Council discusses security, Spartan 365, Gartner, 2017 updates

The MSU IT Council met on February 1st. Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meetings.

Risk management & security briefing

Seth Edgar, Deputy Chief Information Security Officer, and Rob McCurdy, Interim CIO, presented on the current state of IT risk management at MSU. They also discussed recent changes in security policy to support better risk management across the university. Read Full Article →

MSU Security Summit 2016: “Staying Left of Hack: Security Proactivity”

The Security Summit offers a chance for MSU IT staff to discuss security topics including the state of the IT security industry and new/upcoming security initiatives at MSU.

Space is limited for this no-cost event, please register to reserve your spot, see registration information below.

Schedule 9:00-9:15 a.m.

Opening Comments: Seth Edgar, Deputy CISO

9:15-10:00 a.m. Read Full Article →
Happy #CyberAware Month

MSU IT Celebrates National Cyber Security Awareness Month

Cyber security continues to grow in importance, and we all play a role in today’s highly connected world of systems, information, and technology.

MSU Information Technology helps celebrate National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) by promoting safe computing tips via our Tech at MSU Twitter account and supporting the MSU Security Summit on October 11. Read Full Article →