Safer Internet Day 2019 is here. This yearly observation is a call for all Internet users to help create a better Internet that provides a safe space for people of all ages to collaborate, learn, share, and grow. This year’s theme is “together for a better Internet.”

Part of keeping the Internet safe is protecting ourselves and our communities from Internet threats and scams. Read Full Article →

MSU IT Video Production Workshops, Feb. 7, Mar. 7, Apr. 4

Could you benefit from learning how to make videos? MSU IT’s video production team hosts a series of workshops at no cost for staff and faculty. These workshops are designed for complete beginners and teach the skills to successfully conceptualize, film and edit video. Whether your needs are for interviews, course instruction or something else, you’ll have the tools necessary to create a quality video product. Read Full Article →


From Motor City to Motown, Detroit is emblematic of technology innovation and artistic revolution. It should come as no surprise that this eclectic city was chosen to join cities like Venice, London, Bengaluru and Melbourne via the Global Science Gallery Network (GSGN).

Among the Science Gallery installations, one may find unconventional combinations of themes like infection, love and music—and others that showcase emerging research and ideas from the worlds of art, science, design and technology. Read Full Article →

A quote from Chris Brandenburg about technology in farm equipment.

As the world trudges forward, industries that are unable to change are often left in the wake. Video rental, land-line phones, print news — these are just a few examples of technological models that have been rendered nearly obsolete by emerging technologies.

Tech seems to be a safe-haven and even a growing career field. Read Full Article →

MATLAB's logo and icon

Michigan State University and MathWorks, in coordination with the MSU Tech Store, are happy to announce a new and more effective way for Spartans to access MATLAB toolboxes at MSU.

What is MATLAB?

MATLAB is a software platform that enhances teaching and research for MSU staff, faculty, and students. It combines a desktop environment optimized for analysis with a programming language that expresses matrix and array mathematics directly. Read Full Article →


The latest update of the MSU App is now available for download from the Apple and Google Play stores. This update adds CATA bus information to the Maps section of the app, under the new Bus Routes tab. Features of the Bus Routes tab include:

  • Clicking on a bus route will show the route on the map.
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October is the 15th Annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month

We live in a world with data at our fingertips. Easy access to information makes our lives easier, but it also leaves us more points of vulnerability if our data is not handled properly.

At MSU we are keenly aware of the need for data safety, and we take steps to ensure that we are offering best in class solutions to data safety. Read Full Article →


Submitted by Kevin Floyd, 
Security and Support Manager at Michigan State University Human Resources

Editor’s Note: MSU HR has been steadily moving away from hosting their own server and infrastructure and moving towards a centralized model. The following case was an optimal time to make another move to MSU IT Central Services rather than continuing our efforts separate from MSU IT. Read Full Article →


The official MSU App is now live on the Apple and Google Play stores!

Originally conceptualized as a capstone project by MSU students and developed in partnership with RHS, CABS, and ASMSU, the app is designed to be continually grown through suggestions by the Spartan community.

Currently, the MSU App allows users to:

  • read the latest MSU news
  • see upcoming events
  • find residence hall dining options
  • view a campus map

New updates will be announced as the App Development team continues to roll out new features. Read Full Article →


Six outstanding instructors for online and blended courses were selected as recipients of the 2016–2018 MSU AT&T Faculty-Staff Awards in Instructional Technology.

Jessica Knott, Learning Design Manager for The MSU Hub for Innovation and selection committee coordinator, explained, “The AT&T Awards provide a venue for MSU to recognize outstanding educators who, through innovation and creativity, inspire others in new ways of thinking about technology, access, and accessibility in the design of learning experiences.”

2018 AT&T Award recipients

The winning innovations and honorable mentions of the 2017 AT&T Faculty-Staff Awards in Instructional Technology are:


Liz Owen-Boltz, CEP 812, Applying Educational Technology to Practice

The selection committee appreciated Owen-Boltz and her team’s well-designed, immersive technology choices. Read Full Article →