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#TeamMSUIT Delivering outstanding customer service

Expedited service doesn’t always mean superior service

You only have to look at fast food outlets to appreciate that expedited delivery doesn’t always translate to superior customer service. Just like many things in life, superior customer service does not simply depend on a single variable; it is a combination of number factors coming together: speed, agent’s skill set, customer communications, product quality, brand recognition, etc. Read Full Article →

IT Exchange Meeting

Tentative Agenda

Updates to MSU’s Technology Purchasing Process: Members of University Services, IT Security, and MSU’s Web Accessibility team will present changes made to the IT procurement process to minimize security and data risks and maintain accessibility compliance for both new products and renewals.

MSU IT Service Management Improvements: Mark Seyka and Kelly Wilcox, with the MSU IT Service Management team, will present new systems being rolled out to the campus community. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Service Desk to change email address on January 17

The MSU IT Service Desk will change its email address from itserve@msu.edu to ithelp@msu.edu on January 17, 2016. Automatic forwarding will be set up until end of spring semester to ensure email sent to either address is received.

The MSU campus community has been receiving important MSU IT and security messages from itserve@msu.edu. Read Full Article →