MSU IT Community

Michigan State University is a complex organization with information technology needs that support a variety of academic and business pursuits.

This site,, is a principal hub of information technology resources, news, and service information at MSU. It is maintained by MSU Information Technology and the Office of the CIO.

Rob McCurdy serves as MSU’s Chief Information Officer. (Read his MSU CIO Blog.)

Web Governance Advisory Committee

The Web Governance Advisory Committee is a group of web professionals at MSU appointed by the senior deans and directors from each of the degree‐granting colleges, core academic units, major academic support units, and other major business units.

It seeks to gather a quorum of web professionals with varied skill sets to discuss the strategic direction for websites and digital content at MSU, with the goal of encouraging collaboration and reducing duplication of strategic web efforts, as well as to better understand the current landscape of web systems and strategies across the University.

MSU IT CAFE groups

The are several Communities for Advising, Facilitating, and Enabling (CAFEs) that undertake activities and provide communication mechanisms that help people with common interests to share ideas, challenges, solutions, tools, and strategic directions.

To start a CAFE group, email with your plan including group topic, leadership and prospective member audience, meeting logistics, and ideas for communication.

To retire a CAFE group, get member consensus and then email regarding the retirement.

Administrative Data Users CAFE (ADUC)

ADUC is a group of people with a shared interest in the creation and use of institutional data and associated information systems. It provides an opportunity to share experiences, expertise, and tools among users of institutional data and information system providers. Yesim Askin is the group leader.

IT Exchange

The IT Exchange is the broad IT group used by MSU IT and other units to share information on central, enabling, or enhancing services and projects affecting the university. The group was formed to bring people interested and involved in information technology at MSU together as a cohesive group. Katherine Ball is the group leader.

Research Data Management

The Research Data Management CAFE facilitates communication and encourages information sharing about research data management across MSU departments. The group discusses documents for grant proposals, case studies, best practices, scholarly communication issues, application development, technology infrastructure, and support for researchers. Nicole Jones and Marty Crawford are the group leaders.

Training Design

The Training Design CAFE brings together MSU staff involved in training by facilitating communication, sharing ideas, and addressing current issues and trends in training. The group uses D2L to share information. Summer Issawi is the group leader. Email for more information or to sign up.

Web Development (WebDev)

The MSU Web Development Community for Advising, Facilitating, and Enabling (MSU WebDev CAFE) serves the community of MSU web professionals by facilitating discussion and information sharing, convening meetings and events, and offering feedback on policies and large-scale applications. The group passes along information of professional development opportunities for higher education web professionals. Jillian Lambert and Joshua Sanchez are the group leaders. Stay connected with us on our Microsoft Teams channel.