MSU IT Council acknowledges its one-year anniversary with assessment, goal setting

The MSU IT Council met on March 4, and below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

Council assessment

Sean McDonald, vice president of MOR Associates, facilitated a review of the recent IT Council survey. The survey assessed how far the IT Council has come in the year since it was formed and evaluated where it wants to be in the next 12-15 months.

The assessment established IT Council success in:

  • Creating a community of IT leaders,
  • Facilitating cross communication among campus IT leaders,
  • Providing an advisory role to IT administrators, and
  • Continuing in its business-focused mission.

Over the coming months, the IT Council will further elevate group goals and evaluate ways to be more proactive and results focused in its initiatives.

Short term this includes:

  • Refining the group’s purpose and decision making process,
  • Prioritizing what projects we focus on,
  • Communicating what we do, and
  • Aligning with MSU’s strategic direction.


The Box cloud storage project is on hold temporarily while MSU email is being looked at more closely.

MSU email

All NEW incoming undergraduate students will be provided Office 365 for email beginning in June 2015. IT Services will then work on migrating returning undergraduate students.

A plan for graduate students, faculty, staff, and others will be considered in late 2015.

IT security risk questionnaire

Thomas Porter III, IT Services, distributed samples of the survey to IT Council members.

About the IT Council

The MSU IT Council serves as a primary IT advisory body. Membership is open to the primary IT leader from each of the degree-granting colleges, core academic units, major academic support units, and other major business units.

The MSU community is encouraged to seek out their IT Council representative or visit the IT Council website for more information on topics of interest.