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Check out MSU tech tips, resources for students

MSU IT welcomes you! We know getting into the school mode can be stressful when you are juggling responsibilities, meeting deadlines, and studying for hours. We want to see you succeed and part of that success depends on knowing the tools and resources available to you.

Below you will find a list of resources you can pull from to make the 2016-2017 academic year a success! Read Full Article →

Spartan Mail Login Landing Page

Students using Spartan Mail, learn how to use the Clutter feature

What is Clutter? Clutter is a tool in your Microsoft Office 365 Spartan Mail (spartanmail.msu.edu) that moves your low priority messages out of your Inbox so you can easily scan for important messages.


How does it work? Clutter analyzes your email habits and based on your past behavior, it determines the messages that you’re most likely to ignore. Read Full Article →
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MSU FileDepot, FileDepot Internal make sharing digital files easy

MSU FileDepot and FileDepot Internal are services for temporarily transferring digital files (up to 2GB) that are too large to be attached in email messages. These files are available to recipients within or outside of the university for up to 14 days.

MSU has two systems, FileDepot for transferring files to recipients outside the MSU community and FileDepot Internal for individuals with an MSU NetID. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Service Desk to change email address on January 17

The MSU IT Service Desk will change its email address from itserve@msu.edu to ithelp@msu.edu on January 17, 2016. Automatic forwarding will be set up until end of spring semester to ensure email sent to either address is received.

The MSU campus community has been receiving important MSU IT and security messages from itserve@msu.edu. Read Full Article →


MSU to migrate all undergrad students to Office 365 by end of November

MSU Information Technology started migrating new MSU undergraduate students in June to Office 365 email from MSU Legacy Email. Currently, more than 35,000 accounts have been migrated to Office 365.

Sophomores were migrated to Office 365 email in September, juniors were migrated in October, and seniors will be migrated by the end of November. Read Full Article →


MSU to start moving students to new email service in June

Michigan State University is transitioning student email to Microsoft Office 365 beginning with new undergraduate students that start MSU in June 2015.

Returning undergraduate students (those that began with MSU prior to June 8) will transition to Office 365 in the fall 2015.

About Office 365

Office 365 is hosted by Microsoft and can be accessed anywhere on desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council acknowledges its one-year anniversary with assessment, goal setting

The MSU IT Council met on March 4, and below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

Council assessment

Sean McDonald, vice president of MOR Associates, facilitated a review of the recent IT Council survey. The survey assessed how far the IT Council has come in the year since it was formed and evaluated where it wants to be in the next 12-15 months. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council updates include two-factor authentication project, plans for email

The MSU IT Council met on February 3.  Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

College of Education update

Don Heller, Dean, College of Education, discussed some of the challenges that his college is facing as the nature of teacher education and professional development continue to evolve. Heller addressed the need to increase the faculty research portfolio and the funding challenges. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council discusses cloud storage, central email, technology purchasing

The MSU IT Council met on January 7.  Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

MSU branding

Heather Swain, Vice President of Communications and Brand Strategy (CABS), explained the value of advancing the MSU brand as a Tier 1 research institution and what it means for attracting talent and funding. Read Full Article →

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MSU email, AFS to expire April 25 for past employees

MSU IT Services will be deactivating mail.msu.edu email and AFS storage accounts for those who have not been faculty, staff, or affiliates for one or more years.

Official retirees are not included in these account expirations. They maintain their MSU email and AFS accounts.

Account deactivation is scheduled to begin on April 25. Read Full Article →