A 2015 reflection on MSU technology

2015 has been a truly spectacular year at Michigan State University, hasn’t it?

So much to reflect on!

From Coach Mark Dantonio and our amazing football team’s accomplishments, to the momentous events surrounding Project 50/60 conversation on civil and human rights, and all the amazing MSU work being done locally and around the world for technology, agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, education, energy, sustainability, and the arts.

Truly, it is great to be a Spartan.

Looking back

Those of us in MSU Information Technology also have a lot to be proud of and reflect on in 2015. From the leadership of our Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Joanna Young steering us at MSU toward Bolder IT, to our expanding The Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology partnerships with colleges and departments across campus, things have been humming with excitement around collaborative efforts supporting student success.

Looking forward

We look forward to these and more conversations happening in 2016!

Back in November, we began an impromptu Twitter conversation around the #MSUTechChat hashtag. One of the questions Jessica Knott asked included:

#MSUTechChat Q1: What does the “future of work” mean to you? @susanhalick, @MSURich, @tmurray_pro, @thequeenofspin, @BillHridesbikes, @msucweetmurph

— Jessica Knott (@jlknott) November 10, 2015

See more of the conversations and feel free to contribute to and continue the dialogue on Twitter by following hashtags such as:

Good things are to come. We look forward to our 2016 collaborations together with you.

Happy New Year!

Spartans Will!