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Seminar Series: D2L Insights Analytics

Explore and discuss how learning analytics in the new D2L Insights can help inform course design. Look into some early findings of the Faculty Learning Community on D2L analytics. Feel free to bring your lunch. Read Full Article →

Seminar Series: Universal Design for Learning

Learn how universal design approach for course development benefits all learners, as well as a few applicable tips you can immediately use in your own teaching. Feel free to bring your lunch. Read Full Article →

Seminar Series: Active Learning Faculty Panel

Join us to interact with a panel of faculty discussing active learning strategies they have implemented in their classrooms.  Explore how to engage students and moderate group activities in a classroom. Feel free to bring your lunch. Read Full Article →

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Insights Portal now available for MSU D2L course analytics

MSU course admins and editors now have access to the Insights Portal for more advanced analytics reporting on courses in MSU D2L (Brightspace).

The Insights Portal now enables educators to use MSU D2L course statistics and visualizations to track, measure, and monitor student progress and help improve learner engagement aiding in student success. Read Full Article →

MSU Faculty Technology Use Survey

Find out the top technology tools MSU faculty use in teaching

The “Faculty Technology Use in Teaching Survey” was conducted by MSU IT during spring 2017. The results help MSU IT and campus stakeholders learn more about how faculty use instructional technology both inside and outside of the classroom.

It was emailed to approximately 3,100 faculty, and there were 373 respondents.

The top 5 MSU colleges to respond included:

  1. Social Science
  2. Agriculture & Natural Science
  3. Arts & Letters
  4. Natural Science
  5. Human Medicine

NOTE: Percentages were rounded down to full numbers in the following metrics. Read Full Article →

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Learn more about feedback loops in the MSU Tech Break podcast

Listen to episode 4 of the student-led MSU Tech Break podcast, “Feedback Loops.

In the fourth episode of MSU’s student-led Tech Break podcast, education student Meghan Hurley discusses the topic of feedback loops with Phil Deaton, who is an employee, instructor, and graduate student at MSU. Hurley and Deaton dialogue about their own personal experiences with feedback and cover its importance. Read Full Article →

Computer Labs & Classroom upgrades

Find out about the latest MSU tech upgrades in computer labs, classrooms

While many students and faculty were off for the summer, MSU IT was busy making technology upgrades to labs and classroom spaces.

Windows 10 upgrade

MSU IT upgraded to Windows 10 in university computer labs and classroom technology carts during August 7-25 in preparation for the fall 2017 semester. This upgrade will help leverage new technologies and security features in Windows 10. Read Full Article →

iClicker Workshop

Join us for a workshop discussing ways to use the student response system iClicker Reef. With this solution, students may use their own devices (e.g., phone, tablet, laptop) instead of a physical clicker. This interactive demonstration will show the features and functionality of iClicker Reef and Reef Quizzing alongside physical iClicker remotes to show how both could be used in the same classroom. Read Full Article →

Two-Factor Authentication for D2L Faculty Graders & Users

Two-factor authentication to be added to MSU D2L for faculty

MSU is expanding the applications and systems that use two-factor authentication to further safeguard personal and institutional data.

Starting on August 14, faculty will need to use two-factor authentication when logging into the MSU D2L course management system. Two-factor authentication will expand to other D2L roles with grading privileges soon. Read Full Article →

Graphic of post it notes with headliine "Prototyping in Learning Design."

Building & sharing a prototype in learning design process (Part 2)

The following is a Part 2 of a two-part blog post on prototyping used for learning design. In Prototyping Part 1, I introduced what prototyping is and how I’ve used it as an instructional designer. Here in Part 2, I highlight some ways to build and share your prototype.

Mindset: Build to think

Disposition: Must be curious, creative, and willing to learn

How to build a prototype

Here are a three basic “remixed” steps on building a prototype within Learning Design (from IDEO U):  

  1. Build: Get tangible quickly.
Read Full Article →