#TeamMSUIT Delivering outstanding customer service

Expedited service doesn’t always mean superior service

You only have to look at fast food outlets to appreciate that expedited delivery doesn’t always translate to superior customer service. Just like many things in life, superior customer service does not simply depend on a single variable; it is a combination of number factors coming together: speed, agent’s skill set, customer communications, product quality, brand recognition, etc. Read Full Article →

Computer Labs & Classroom upgrades

Find out about the latest MSU tech upgrades in computer labs, classrooms

While many students and faculty were off for the summer, MSU IT was busy making technology upgrades to labs and classroom spaces.

Windows 10 upgrade

MSU IT upgraded to Windows 10 in university computer labs and classroom technology carts during August 7-25 in preparation for the fall 2017 semester. This upgrade will help leverage new technologies and security features in Windows 10. Read Full Article →

new technology services icons

Find out about new MSU technology services for faculty, staff

MSU Information Technology has been working on several new technology services for departments, as well as faculty, staff, and IT staff.

Cloud services coming soon

Access to Gartner for Technical Professionals will be provided to MSU IT professionals in the coming weeks. Gartner Core Research remains available for all MSU students, faculty, and staff to research information technology news, reports, business and market analysis, product descriptions and comparisons, information on trends, and a calendar of upcoming conferences and events. Read Full Article →

MSU IT Council featured image

MSU IT Council discusses new groups, network services restructuring, CIO vision

The MSU IT Council met in April. Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

MSU IT Network Services Restructuring

Nishanth Rodrigues and Chuck Kirby from MSU IT presented the new organizational structure of the Network Services teams. The new structure is built around three teams focusing on planning, building, and running network services and systems on campus. Read Full Article →

2017 MSU Instructional Design Winners

MSU faculty & staff recognized for use of instructional technology

Four outstanding instructors for online and blended courses were selected as recipients of the 2017 MSU AT&T Faculty-Staff Awards in Instructional Technology.

“The AT&T Awards provide a venue for MSU to recognize outstanding faculty and staff whose innovation and creativity inspire others in new ways of using technology in instruction,” said Severin Grabski, lead judge for 2017 AT&T Awards; associate professor in the Department of Accounting & Information Systems, College of Business; and senior faculty advisor to the CIO of MSU. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council reviews storage, security, licensing agreements, IT role

The MSU IT Council met in March and below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

Department storage

Sherief AbouElSeoud, part of the IT Services IT Infrastructure and Operations department, presented more information about the central department storage service accessed via the \\fileshare.msu.edu\[department name] server path. This was also mentioned at the February IT Exchange meeting. Read Full Article →

Brown Bag: MSU Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Offerings


IT Services – Darryl Taylor, Chris Lim, and Charles Struthers

MSU has been making investments in its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). VDI allows faculty and students to have virtual labs/desktops without the need to actually purchase and run (high resource demanding) software on their local computers. The software runs on servers and the user can have the same computer user interface and experience on multiple computers across campus (and off-campus).  Read Full Article →

Brown Bag: Moving from Accessibility to Universal Design for Learning: A Paradigm Shift from Fear to Hope

  • Cathleen McGreal, College of Social Science
  • Stephen Thomas, College of Natural Science
  • Casey Henley, MSU Neuroscience Program
  • Jan Bukovac Phelps, College of Communication Arts & Sciences
  • Emilia Marcyk, MSU Library

Over the last year, the Faculty Learning Community (FLC) on Accessibility Through Creative Innovation has been working with MSU IT Services to create a self-enrolled course on accessibility and curriculum development.  Read Full Article →

Brown Bag: Flipping a Music Class – Postponed

This week’s Explorations in Instructional Technologies brown bag seminar has been postponed until Spring 2017.  

Our next brown bag session will be December 2, 2016 and features Cathleen McGreal, College of Social Science, Stephen Thomas, College of Natural Science, Casey Henley, MSU Neuroscience Program. Jan Bukovac Phelps, College of Communication Arts & Sciences, who will present “Moving from Accessibility to Universal Design for Learning:  A Paradigm Shift from Fear to Hope.“


The Explorations in Instructional Technology Brown Bag series is hosted by the MSU College of Education, College of Natural Science, and MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology. Read Full Article →

Brown Bag: Curriculum Mapping and Competency Search in D2L

  • Mary Gebbia-Portice, College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • R. Taylor Scott, College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Nathan Lounds, MSU IT Services

At this Brown Bag Seminar, Mary will be sharing the experiences and lessons learned by the team that is mapping the College of Osteopathic Medicine’s (COM) curriculum. She will be sharing the processes that COM is following to map the curriculum and will also be demonstrating the map and the accompanying Competency Search Tool. Read Full Article →