MSU LearnDAT brand becomes part of MSU IT, Hub for Innovation

MSU IT Teaching and Learning Technology retired the Learning Design and Technology (LearnDAT) brand on January 16. LearnDAT is part of MSU Information Technology and the newly formed Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology.

If you subscribed to the LearnDAT-Announce listserv, you will be transitioned to Sev Grabski’s Instructional Technology listserv, which frequently cross posted similar information.

Email Sev Grabski if you aren’t on either listsev but are interested in instructional technology information.

Teaching & learning resources

Ongoing instructional technology resources include:

Instructional design consultation

You can request the MSU IT instructional design consultation services by calling (517) 432-6200.

Best practices and guidelines for courses are also available online to help instructors and be part of consultations.