MSU IT supports upgrade of 33 instructional spaces in 2017

During 2017 a range of strategic learning space renovations and technology investments were completed on campus. MSU IT supported upgrades to 33 instructional spaces that help with student engagement and student success initiatives.

Upgrades are part of a multi-year planning process at MSU and also involve Teaching and Learning Environment (TLE) funding requests from MSU IT.

Updating classrooms & computer labs

MSU IT works closely with other units on campus, including the Office of Planning and Budgets and Infrastructure Planning and Facilities, to support classroom and computer lab improvements. Many improvements are made during university breaks, including over the summer.

“Thoughtfully designed learning environments are essential to the success of the student at MSU. Providing learning spaces with effective technology allows faculty to implement innovative pedagogy that improves learning outcomes for students,” said Jen-Nien (Ryan) Yang, Associate Director, MSU IT Academic Information Technology.

“Students are more engaged through various collaborative tools and presentation technology that aligns with active learning strategies for deeper learning and understanding,” Yang continued.

2017 MSU renovations

  • First and Second Floors of Bessey including a lecture hall, eight classrooms, and a Room for Engaged and Active Learning (REAL)
  • 331 Case including comprehensive renovation to upgrade a classroom
  • 146 Giltner Hall including technology improvements to lecture hall
  • McDonel Hall Kiva including technology improvements
  • 141 and 245 Music Building including comprehensive renovation to two classrooms
  • E100 and A213 Veterinary Medicine including a lecture hall and multipurpose classroom
  • B122 Wells Hall including technology upgrades and acoustical improvements to lecture hall
  • 18 technology cart upgrades in various rooms across campus