Kaltura MediaSpace adds new video editing tools to MSU application

Kaltura MediaSpace added Video Editing Tools on January 14 that replace the previous Clipping, Trimming, and Quiz Creation functionalities in MSU MediaSpace.

The same basic functionality still exists within MediaSpace. However, the new tools provide an accessible, unified, and streamlined experience within your web browser when editing videos in MediaSpace.

Using the Video Editing Tools

To use Kaltura Video Editing Tools, you must be the owner or co-editor of the media and have permission to create clips of media entries.

  1. Log into your mediaspace.msu.edu account.
  2. Go to My Media.
  3. Click on the edit icon for the entry you want to edit.
  4. On the Editing Tools page, click the Launch Editor button to reach the Video Editing Tools.

After following the steps for accessing the Video Editing Tool, you should now see the Kaltura editor window.

This window contains two navigation tabs:

  • Edit Tab: Video editing
  • Quiz Tab: Creating and editing Interactive Video Quizzes

Read more about using the MSU Kaltura MediaSpace Video Editing Tools Update.