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The Spartan helmet over a circuit-board background and the text "Making IT Happen."

MSU Ideas Challenge Winners

Six months into the MSU Ideas challenge, a platform for faculty and staff to propose solutions to improve the university, MSU IT is ready to announce the five winning ideas selected for further review.

The question posed by MSU IT to the university community was, “What can Information Technology do to improve the faculty, researcher, staff, and student experience?”

Twenty suggestions were submitted to the committee for review. Read Full Article →

Video camera photo to illustrate Kaltura MediaSpace adding new video editing tools

Kaltura MediaSpace adds new video editing tools to MSU application

Kaltura MediaSpace added Video Editing Tools on January 14 that replace the previous Clipping, Trimming, and Quiz Creation functionalities in MSU MediaSpace.

The same basic functionality still exists within MediaSpace. However, the new tools provide an accessible, unified, and streamlined experience within your web browser when editing videos in MediaSpace. Read Full Article →

faculty & staff appreciation day, November 30, techstore.msu.edu/events

Check out the MSU Tech Store Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day Nov. 30

We know the work our faculty and staff do is critical to serving the academic mission of the Spartan community. We also know it’s not easy to do this work without the tools you need. 

That is why the MSU Tech Store is hosting a Faculty & Staff Appreciation Day on November 30. Read Full Article →

screen shot of new knowledge system

New technology knowledge base system launched for the MSU community

MSU IT launched a new technology knowledge system providing MSU students, faculty, and staff access to help and support information. This new system may be accessed one of two ways:

Articles of particular importance to individuals without an MSU NetID (e.g., visitors looking to access the MSU network) are available on the technology help and support page. Read Full Article →

qualtrics survey tool

Qualtrics survey tool available to MSU faculty, researchers, students, staff

MSU offers the Qualtrics survey tool as part of an enterprise license available to faculty, researchers, students, and staff. MSU Qualtrics was recently integrated with MSU NetIDs and passwords as part of the enterprise license and single sign-on authentication.

Qualtrics can be used for surveys as well as research data collection. Read Full Article →

A student works on a laptop computer

MSU provides guidelines for handling, securing institutional data

MSU’s Institutional Data Policy (IDP) holds every member of the university community individually responsible for the appropriate use and protection of institutional data, and especially of confidential data, in their possession or control.

A first step to securing institutional data is increasing awareness about institutional data and confidential data.

Confidential data needs to be stored only on a secured server. Read Full Article →


MSU offers SecureIT tips for securing mobile devices

It’s important to safeguard your personal computers, mobile phones, tablets, and other devices.

  1. Use a passcode to lock your device when not in use.
  2. Set up automatic updates for operating systems, web browsers, and apps.
  3. If connecting to an unsecured Wi-Fi connection, be cautious about the sites visited and the information accessed.
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A student works on a laptop computer

Any Windows 2003 systems or services need to be upgraded by July

On July 14, 2015, Microsoft will end support and no longer provide security updates for the Windows 2003 operating system after that time.

IT Services is migrating all systems and services under our purview currently running Server 2003 onto newer, supported operating systems before July 14. We need your cooperation to migrate MSU systems and services you oversee before July 14 as well. Read Full Article →


MSU ANGEL retired on May 15; D2L support available

MSU ANGEL was retired on May 15. MSU is moving to Desire2Learn as its main centrally supported learning management system.

Course graded activities and grading data will be accessible on ANGEL in a read-only format for two years after the retirement to provide information in case course grades are contested.

Getting started with D2L

Several “Getting Started with Teaching in D2L” sessions are planned this summer. Read Full Article →


MSU offers SecureIT phishing tips for faculty and staff

Michigan State University needs you to help keep our network and data safe.

Faculty and staff work with institutional data daily and need to take extra precautions, especially when dealing with potential phishing messages.

Know what things to look for in an email that may indicate it’s a phishing attempt.

  • Does the from line or subject line look suspicious?
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