Know Your Tech in 2019

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to make the most of MSU IT. Now that the holiday fun is finished, take some time before spring semester gets into full swing to learn a little more about technology available to students and how MSU IT can assist in utilizing it.

Secure your IT

You worked hard on all your assignments and projects, so make sure to safeguard your personal information and devices. MSU’s SecureIT offers tips and advice for ensuring your devices are protected. Installing firewalls, practicing regular maintenance and updates, and installing antivirus and antispyware software are just a few ways to protect your personal information in 2019.

Collaborative tools

Make learning easier this year by taking advantage of the many collaboration tools available to MSU students and staff. These tools are perfect for group projects or team-based assignments. Take advantage of the full suite of Microsoft tools in Spartan 365. Store files and access them anywhere with Spartan Drive and download the most up-to-date Microsoft Office programs with Office Pro Plus. Use Word, PowerPoint, and other Office tools to succeed in all your coursework.

Computer labs and classrooms

Having the most up-to-date tech and software is essential for learning, which is why MSU has over 60 computer labs and nearly 260 technology classrooms. Access valuable software for both Windows and Macintosh to complete coursework. Don’t forget to print your documents from printers across campus with MSU Print and never worry about a late-night ink or paper run again.

Manage your learning

Many MSU instructors and professors use D2L to facilitate learning inside and outside the classroom. Learn more about the D2L update to Daylight to create a more mobile and user-friendly interface. Learn more about MSU’s course management systems and training courses for D2L. Also available is the D2L Help site for questions, training, and planned maintenance.

Get the tech and help you need

Need some new tech for your classes? For the newest computers, tablets, and classroom accessories you didn’t know you needed, the MSU Tech Store has you covered. And if your hardware can’t keep up, MSU Tech Store Help and Repair options will ensure you can keep on working. Visit the Walk-in Help Center in room 110 Computer Center for a free consultation. Don’t let broken tech get in your way in 2019.

Start this year off the right way and know your tech! Find out even more about what MSU IT has to offer and how they go the extra mile to keep you protected.