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MSU Faculty Technology Use Survey

Find out the top technology tools MSU faculty use in teaching

The “Faculty Technology Use in Teaching Survey” was conducted by MSU IT during spring 2017. The results help MSU IT and campus stakeholders learn more about how faculty use instructional technology both inside and outside of the classroom.

It was emailed to approximately 3,100 faculty, and there were 373 respondents.

The top 5 MSU colleges to respond included:

  1. Social Science
  2. Agriculture & Natural Science
  3. Arts & Letters
  4. Natural Science
  5. Human Medicine

NOTE: Percentages were rounded down to full numbers in the following metrics. Read Full Article →

IT Exchange Meeting

Tentative Agenda

Updates to MSU’s Technology Purchasing Process: Members of University Services, IT Security, and MSU’s Web Accessibility team will present changes made to the IT procurement process to minimize security and data risks and maintain accessibility compliance for both new products and renewals.

MSU IT Service Management Improvements: Mark Seyka and Kelly Wilcox, with the MSU IT Service Management team, will present new systems being rolled out to the campus community. Read Full Article →

Screen capture of the relaunched tech.msu.edu home page.

New tech.msu.edu site launches, adds more tech information

MSU IT Services relaunched the MSU technology website, tech.msu.edu, on September 3 to enhance the user experience, streamline content and navigation, and advance the MSU and information technology brands.

As part of these goals, we aligned with the MSU Web Standards, addressed web accessibility, and incorporated responsive design to aid in mobile viewing. Read Full Article →


Learn about MSU technology resources available to new students

The tech.msu.edu site provides a gateway to technology resources at Michigan State University, as well as technology help and support.

Follow TechAtMSU on Twitter for ongoing technology news, updates, and safe computing information.

Check out the New Students link for technology information important to those newly accepted to MSU and new to campus. Read Full Article →