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Insights Portal now available for MSU D2L course analytics

MSU course admins and editors now have access to the Insights Portal for more advanced analytics reporting on courses in MSU D2L (Brightspace).

The Insights Portal now enables educators to use MSU D2L course statistics and visualizations to track, measure, and monitor student progress and help improve learner engagement aiding in student success. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council learns about technology projects, purchasing updates, and Student Success, Office 365 progress

The MSU IT Council met on June 1. Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

MSU IT’s Top 15 Projects

Barb Dawson, Assistant Vice President of IT Strategy, reported on the “Top 15” technology projects as reported by the MSU IT Project Management Office. She explained that several criteria are used to classify a project as “Top 15” including if the project is high profile for MSU, if the project is funded, and if it is an innovation project and/or it supports the MSU Bolder IT vision to Strengthen, Align, and Innovate. Read Full Article →

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MSU Student Success Dashboard will support students, advisors

The Student Success Transformation Initiative supports students in their time at Michigan State University and through graduation. At the same time, it fosters the creation of a campus and national model for student success by leveraging analytics with actionable data, investing in advisors, and contributing to the Neighborhoods and colleges to help MSU students holistically. Read Full Article →

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MSU IT Council receives updates on network, email, student success projects

The MSU IT Council met on October 7.  Below are the high-level topic summaries from the meeting.

Data center and network planning projects

MSU IT Chief Technology Officer Nishanth Rodrigues updated the IT Council on projects to build a new data center and upgrade the campus network.

A new data center would strengthen MSU’s technology environment for academic, administrative, and high performance computing. Read Full Article →