Find out about new MSU technology services for faculty, staff

MSU Information Technology has been working on several new technology services for departments, as well as faculty, staff, and IT staff.

Cloud services coming soon

Coming soon are access to Gartner for Technical Professionals and university agreements for cloud services with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure at discounted rates with enhanced security and improved terms and conditions for faculty, staff, and departmental use.

These cloud services offer exceptional compute power, database storage, content delivery features, and other functionality to fill a range of needs including servers, long-term data storage, mobile application development, and storing and analyzing large volumes of data.

Technology services available now

There are many service available now to faculty, staff, and IT staff that can help with collaboration, storage, research, and teaching needs at MSU. Below is an overview of just some of the technology resources.

Collaboration and storage


Teaching and course support


Departments and IT staff