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Cover image for Collaborative Tools Analysis and Evalaution report

To better support Michigan State University’s research faculty, IT Services formed a Collaborative Tools Team to analyze the needs for collaborative tools for researchers on campus. This team was sponsored by IT Services Content and Collaboration.

Interviews and observations were conducted by the Collaborative Tools Team with a small group of faculty researchers. Read Full Article →

Acting MSU CIO Tom Davis kicks off the 2013 MSU IT Conference on June 12.

About 215 attendees participated in the 2013 MSU IT Conference held on June 12 at the Kellogg Center.

IT Services hosts an annual IT Conference to recognize and share creativity and forward-thinking contributions made by information technology and the people behind the technology at Michigan State University.

Acting CIO Tom Davis kicks off the 2013 MSU IT Conference on June 12. Read Full Article →

Image of MSU Student Technology Guide

The site provides a gateway to technology resources at Michigan State University, as well as technology help and support.

Check out the New Students link for technology information important to those newly accepted to MSU and new to campus.

Check out the Students link for a comprehensive list of technology resources. Read Full Article →

Screen capture of Kerberos page on

IT Services is in the process of upgrading to new 1.11.2 version of Kerberos. Further details and instructions on the upgrade are available.

This new version will introduce new features of Kerberos including file-less configuration using DNS and account locking for invalid password attempts.

Reasons to upgrade

This upgrade to Kerberos 5 current release is necessary for a number of reasons, including:

  • Newer MIT Kerberos server software allows for more stringent password policies, including account lockout.
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MSU SSL VPN login site

On Thursday, May 30, IT Services will upgrade MSU SSL VPN services with patches to improve functionality by refreshing the hardware and operating system versions.

At that time, all the IT Services run-VPN services will also be consolidated on one site at

Benefits of virtual private networks

Using an MSU virtual private network (VPN) when accessing a wireless connection ensures a computer is given a secure path and it will appear to have an IP address local to the MSU campus network. Read Full Article →


Beginning May 21, Google will be rolling out a change that will increase storage in Google Drive to 30GB in the MSU Google Apps for Education Edition.

Additional information from Google is available at the Google Enterprise Blog.

Current Storage Amounts
  • Gmail (disabled at MSU): 25GB
  • Google Drive: 5GB
New Storage Amounts
  • Combined Gmail and Google Drive: 30GB

The entire 30GB will be available for Google Drive because MSU has not enabled Gmail in the MSU Google Apps for Education Edition. Read Full Article →

A Guide for Captioning Video


Results: Add captions for your video content.    Time: Typically it takes about 5 minutes to caption 1 minute of video yourself.  Paid captioning services can usually provide transcripts or captions back to you  within 24-72 hours.    Why this is important: Captions are important because they help provide access  to your video content for the hearing impaired in compliance with Title III of the  Americans with Disabilities act. Read Full Article →
Customizing Widgets and Course Homepage


Overview: Widgets are the “building blocks” of homepages. You can create, edit, delete, customize, and preview the widgets in your organization. Widgets are sections of content that provide information and links to tools, courses, and personal settings as well as News or Content, or an external URL. Read Full Article →

The 2013 MSU IT Conference will be held on June 12 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Kellogg Center.

The MSU IT Conference was started seven years ago to build the information technology (IT) community at MSU and to challenge individuals in this exciting field to work across institutional boundaries, share best practices, keep up with new technology, and encourage collaboration. Read Full Article →

Customizing Themes and Navbars


Overview: In D2L, Navbars and Themes are linked to one another, so if you would like a custom look for your course, you will need to create both a new navbar and theme.   It is important to note that themes and navbars, are course specific. Read Full Article →